Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Hand News: Unbroken Daft of the Snails’ Model

Based on our report, this is absolutely the first hand news about Snails vs. Ants. Recently much news talking about the coming iOS game -- Snails vs. Ants, and our editor just get an unbroken draft of the snails’ model. Let’s take a look for their look and abilities.

The Mancatcher
Launch sting in fast speed. They are cheep, but low power. Normally, they’re used to build barrier.

The Grumer
They look soft. Yes, they have low damage. But as we know they can maximum slow the enemies down.

The Hurler
They have sharp and powerful tail. They can stop ants in far distance, even in the sky.

The Flamer
As what their color shows, they spray flame. They never stop working if an enemy appears in sight.

 The Lightning
They are very powerful and fast. They have given talent to destroy everything within sight, no matter on land or in sky.

The Volcanos
What’s on their back? It’s volcano. They live in the deep of volcano and now called by the king to stop the enemies. They are the ultimate force of the kingdom.

Till now the game is in review by App Store. When they release we will give a first shot to all game fans.

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