Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quit Smoking Now - Guide You will loose the crave in less than an hour

Do you want to quit smoking for good?!
What does it even mean quitting for good? 

How can you tell it's for good if you haven't lived your whole life without cigarettes? What about crave for cigarettes? What about handling complicated or trivial moments in life? What will I do when the toughs gets going? Will I be able to enjoy a drink with my friends? Will I be able to concentrate at work? What if I smoked for 30 years now? What if I just started and worried my parents would find out?

The deepest realization you'll ever have is that you do not need cigarettes to do anything; furthermore you'll be amazed how you got this far with cigarettes.   I feel it's needless to say that this realization has nothing to do with the cigarettes scare.
Scaring you makes you want to obviously smoke more, not less. Speaking of fear; our deepest fear is to become smokers who are not allowed to smoke.  How do you feel about the possibility of not missing any of your cigarettes? I am talking about your first one in the morning or your last one before you go to sleep. I am talking about the cigarette after a good dinner, or the one you light when you almost get run over by a car.

This guide is going to give you the essentials to free yourself from the prison you've been living in.  Now you might be reluctant to agree you are in jail, but realize this book will make you see it clearly. More importantly it will give you the KEY to be free for life.  Are you willing to risk the next hour in an attempt to be free for life?

I quit smoking 5 years ago and a year later was able to help others do so themselves and I've help thousands ever since.  The more smokers I saw the more I was able to realize the essentials of life without smoking. What do I mean by essentials? There are a lot of ways to TRY to convince you to give up smoking.
  ONLY the QSN-Guide gets to bottom of it immediately and efficiently at same time.

A smoker is troubled person who is not very reluctant to read or listen to the reasons he should not be smoking.  This is why it's so easy to sell smokers all sorts of magic hoops which will end the cessation process as quickly as possible. This doesn't work any better than quitting "cold turkey," because smoking is mostly a mental problem. 

The only way to solve a mental problem is by understanding it. "Understanding it? What does it mean? How long will it take? I know everything about cigarettes and I am still smoking, so what else is new?"

This is where I come to your aid:
 in a maximum 1 very intriguing hour you will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to never smoke again. Quick readers might finish it in half the time. Yet you must follow these instructions:

You need to know that once you start it you have to finish it. All the details will sink in if you read it through.

You can stop for 5 minutes to make yourself a cup of coffee, or go to the bathroom, but don't take phone calls during that time.

In fact turn off all potential destructors.

This guide is 
not a reprograming book suggesting something along the line of: "you used to love it and now I will make you hate it forever." That is not the idea!

The idea is to create a logical thread which will open your mind eyes and soul to a world of new possibilities.  You'll be one of those very lucky people who really know what freedom is all about.    


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