Monday, March 21, 2011

How to download and convert YouTube videos

Download YouTube HD&SD videos from YouTube site and convert to AVI, MP4, 3GP, etc videos and MP3 music. Download + Convert in 1 step!
Few days ago, some friends asked me about how to use 4Media YouTube Video Converter as well as other 4Media apps. Now we will discuss about how to download and convert videos with 4Media YouTube Video Converter. Make you professional in front of others.
Step 1: Download and install 4Media YouTube Video Converter
Click HERE to download it. After the download is finished, run the m-youtube-video-converter2.exe and follow the installation wizard instructions.

Step 2: Download the video you like from YouTube
First of all, please use our insert broser or your own broswer to find the video you like. If you want to use our insert broswer you need to use proxy as we set an international exchange for this app but many countries can’t use it or very slow. Once you find the video you want to download, please copy the URL of the video page.
After run 4Media YouTube Video Converter, you will first go to a window like the following picture shows:
Yes, click “File” button and then another window will come out:

Now, you need to paste the URL you copied for the video. Click “Browse” to find the target place that you want your output file settles. And, something more interesting will happen soon.
Please see the picture below. You can see, before you download the video, you can even choose the format for output files. What happens? This is because 4Media YouTube Video Converter can convert the videos directly to your favorite format after downloading. Click the angle and find the proper format for your device from the dropdown list.
4Media YouTube Video Converter provides 43 different formats for normal video/audio, Apple device special formats, MOV for QuickTime, PSP, normal phone, HD video formats and etc. we provide the most popular and useful formats with the right device suggestion for you, save you time and give you mew choices.
Okay, now give “OK” button a click, then we can start downloading and converting:

Step 3: When you only want to convert video or audio
Yes, 4Media YouTube Video Converter is a professional converter as its name tells. Now if you want to use it only as a converter that will be so easy.

For existing video, you can convert it to 43 formats to meet your need.
Please see the picture above: Click “File” button and choose “New Convert” for your purpose.
And after you input the video, you should choose target place and format. You don’t need to think about what format will fit your device. Just see what your device is and you will find the proper format from the dropdown list:

Of course, we can convert many videos at the same time. The input formats can be different and also the output formats can be different. You can control the converting process with the buttons above. “Add File(s)” for new conversion, “Start Convert”, “Pause”, “Stop” or “Delete” and “Start All”, “Pause All” or “Stop All” with those little buttons.

After the converting is finished, you can find the file in target folder with the right format you need. Transfer to your device and enjoy yourself please.

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