Monday, March 21, 2011

How to transfer movies and music between iPad and your computer

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Many iPad apps can transfer movies to your iPad, and some can also transfer songs or eBooks or photos. There will also have some apps can convert videos or audios for iPad, or some can rip CD or DVD for iPad. But if all in one, what will happens? Yes, if all in one, we will have 4Media iPad Max. It can transfer movies, songs, eBooks, photos and other files between your iPad and PC freely. Also copy the songs and convert them from your favorite CD to your iPad, as well as movies from DVD. What’s more, it can convert the video or audio to the formats you like and need make your watch and listen wherever and whenever you need. Do not be surprised, we can give more than you imagined.
Step 1: Download and install 4Media iPad Max
Click THE FOLLOWING PICTURE to download it.

After the download is finished run the m-ipad-max.exe (this is customized version for Google) and follow the installation wizard instructions. Please make sure you have iTunes in your PC, if not the app will ask you to install from the office site as we need some files from iTunes. But you don’t need it run while using 4Media iPad Max.
Step 2: Find the videos or songs that you want to transfer to your iPad.
And now we have two ways to do the basic transfer:
Way A: Just drag and drop

Make 4Media iPad Max after you connect your iPad to PC, find the songs or videos and choose. Then one click, drag and drop:

Next step? No that’s all you need to do for transfer.
Way B: Use “Add File(s)” button
Please see to picture below, you can click the “Add File(s)” button and then it will give you a window to find the folder and files that you want to transfer to your iPad. Yes, you can transfer a folder if you want.

Then please click the “Open” button at the bottom right, you will see all chosen files will send to your iPad at once. So convenience, only one click then everything is done.
Step 3: Transfer after files converted
What talk above is just piece of cake, 4Media iPad to PC can also do this. What 4Media iPad Max can give is more amazing. You can transfer files from you CD/DVD and convert them to proper formats that you need. Just like iPad/iPod/iPod nano/iPhone and etc.
Choose “Convert Video/Audio” function, also choose the video or audio “Add File(s)” button. Then you can see the details as following:
And now you need to choose the output format for your need.

4Media iPad Max provides all Apple device choices for users, which mean you can find all proper output format for your device. Of course don’t worry, we support newest iPad 2.
Now, you should choose your target device. Why this choice appears? Because 4Media iPad Max supports all Apple devices, that means you can use it for iPhone, iPad, iTouch and iPod. If you are lucky enough to get two or more of them, you will only to have only one app for them that will be 4Media iPad Max.
And then please click “Start Convert” button on the bottom of the app window. The videos and audios will be converted to the formats you want, and them transfer to your iPad.
Yes, “Rip DVD/CD” is the same as “Convert Video/Audio”. Please put your DVD/CD into your CD-ROM, then read it, select the files inside and convert them as Step 3 told.

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