Monday, March 21, 2011

How to transfer Music/Video/eBook/Photo to your iPad

Are you still worried about how to make your iPad filled with music, videos, ebooks and photos that you like?
Are you still confused about some difficult while transferring files to your iPad?
Are you still wanted to convert video to other format, make your own style customized ringtone, download video online freely to your iPad, even rip DVD and CD for your iPad?
Follow me, let enjoy your iPad in the easiest way.
You can Trial it for usage, download it HERE

1.Transfer your files to your iPad by drag and drop.
Download the file, and drag with your mouse then drop. Sounds easy? Do easier.
Open your 4Media iPad Max Platinum after you connect your iPad to PC. Then you will see your iPad menu on the left side, click any menu below. You don’t even have to open the target menu, just click the file you want to move to your iPad and then drag it to the window; file will be saved to the target menu automatically.

Are you asking how to sync files to your iPad? No, you don’t need to do that at all, because 4Media iPad Max Platinum can help you syncing automatically. After Drag and drop, you can watch, read, and listen freely.

2.When a CD/DVD comes.
You borrow a cool CD from your friend, or buy a DVD, but want to rip it and save in your iPad. Do you have to buy another 4Media CD Ripper or 4Media DVD Ripper? No, you don’t have to. 4Media iPad Max Platinum contains this function.
Just input your disc, choose “Rip CD/DVD” section and open it by click “File” button:

After the CD or DVD input to your PC, you can pick the video or music to your computer.

3.I want to make my own ringtone. That makes me cool and fashionable.
To make your customized ringtone, you need some seconds. Fine the music you want to edit first please. Then you can use 4Media iPad Max Platinum TO make iPhone Ringtone.
Click the function “Make iPhone Ringtone”, click the music file and drag to the window then drop, it will appear like the following picture, also you can drag and drop many music files to the window at once:

Choose the one you want to edit by tick square and the line below will activate. Set the start point and end point by moving the triangle or choosing exact time. Then please copy to my device, done.

4.Convert video/audio for my iPad/iPhone all at once
4Media iPad Max Platinum is also a video and audio converter; you can pick the video by drag and drop to the window directly and then prepare to convert then:
Then divide type can help you easily and perfectly convert the file and fit your equipment. Also you can convert many video at once and transfer to different pocket equipments like iPod, iPad and iPhone.
5.Download online video directly.
When 4Media iPad Max Platinum works, your iTunes is also working. It supports YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Revver, Vidilife, BREAK, Vimeo and downloading. Choose you favorite site and download your favorite video online. Of course you can watch online if you don’t want to download.

Sound crazy? The only thing you should use is drag and drop. One click and then done.
No matter transfer to your iPad, or convert for iPad, or maker ringtone for your iPad even rip DVD for your iPad. With 4Media iPad Max Platinum, drag and drop, one click and ten seconds, everything done.


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